Is this the best Boston rock 45?



All I know about music is that not many people ever really hear it.” – James Baldwin

I graduated from a suburban high school near Boston in the early 70’s. Since the late 60’s the album oriented FM stations like WBCN & WCOZ had dominated the rock & roll airwaves in the area but a locally owned upstart low-powered AM station, WNTN, only on the air from  sunrise to sundown started playing new underground bands of that time like Aerosmith (hard to believe that they were once not considered  mainstream), the newly emerging prog rock & krautrock bands coming out of Europe (like Yes, Genesis, Hawkwind, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, etc.) & the gritty proto-punk bands of the American scene like the Stooges, NY Dolls and this band from Boston, the Modern Lovers.

Their first 45 actually cut in the late 60’s had gone largely unnoticed by radio in the Boston area until this upstart AM station picked up on it again.

Hearing this song coming from the tinny mono of AM like all the best Top 40 singles of the sixties was a revelation. My tastes were being challenged again, gravitating from the SF psych & country rock sound, the blues of old & the electric blues of UK rock to something much more primitive, driving, tribal. Of course, the lyrics mentioning places I actually knew, roads I had driven, were icing on the cake.

Modern Lovers – Roadrunner (original 45)

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