Lucky to live where I do

“Everything interesting happens on the boundaries.” – Robert Moss

            Living near Boston which has many, many colleges & college radio stations means I am almost never subjected to the repetitiveness of commercial radio.

            Don’t get me wrong, pop music in all its forms has produced some great popular, even very popular songs, but I typically enjoy more challenging fare.

           One of the great things I find among the college radio shows are bands or songs or dj’s working the boundaries where one or two or even three or four influences get mashed together so something new, greater or more interesting than the sum of the parts is created.

            Locally there are a number of these college radio shows where these types of things can often happen that I try to listen to every week during work from their archived shows.

            One great show was called House Therapy, a show on WMBR (Thursdays nights from 10-midnight EST,, unfortunately this show is no longer on the air). Awhile ago, the first hour of a show was a guest mix by a new UK transplant to the MIT community, Jake Marley Payne (DJ name is Marley-P).

             I pulled this off that show. This is a mash-up, re-edits of Fortune Teller, Cruel Summer & What Did They Say over a skankin’ dub beat, that was about 7-10 minutes in. This is just that part of the mix, about 7 minutes worth, very good:

fortune teller/cruel cruel summer/what did they say

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