my mom turned 80 last spring



To know is not all; it is only half. To love is the other half. – John Burroughs

 in June of 2011, my mom turned 80 years old. For her birthday we rented 3 houses at York Beach for 4 days. My wife came up with the idea to create a different memento for each night. So one night we all gave her birthday cards, the next night we had bought a digital picture frame & filled it with pictures from everybody’s lives, past to present. The third night each family gave her a new framed family photo. But also (since I am a music geek) I made a playlist for each night modeled on what would have been playing on the radio during her life. So the first night would have been say from the mid-40’s to early 60’s, big band to crooners & early pop, the next night from the early 60’s to the early 70’s with surf & girl groups and for the last night, it was late 60’s to present, sort of, pop psych to off kilter electropop of today. Since there was so many of us between sons, daughters, cousins & grandkids, it was a bit noisy to be able to listen to these playlists. Each playlist was designed to last approximately 5-7 hours basically from 5, 6 or 7 pm to midnight or just beyond. I thought that I would post an hour or so of each of these playlists occasionally in order from the first night to the last night until they are all preserved here. So here is Thursday night part 1:


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